• Tea Tree Gift Set for Sore, Overworked & Calloused...

    🌿 GET RID OF FUNGUS FOR GOOD: Our Natural 4-in-1 propitiatory Tea Tree oil blend plus additional pure essential oils make this the ultimate foot care kit. An excellent solution for those who suffer from Toenail Fungus, Athletes Foot, Jock Itch, Tinea Versicolor or Foot & Body Odor. OUR KIT INCLUDES: Tea Tree Oil Foot & Body Soak, Nail Blend for Fungus Treatment, Tea Tree Anti-Fungal Foot & Body Cream and Tea Tree Oil Body & Foot Wash
    🌿 REFRESH & DEODORIZE: Our Extra Strength Foot & Body Wash helps wash away and defend against Foot & Body Odor, Fungus, Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch, and Ringworm. Gentle enough for those with Eczema yet effective on Body Acne. Loved by gym enthusiast and parents with teens in sports
    🌿 SORE TIRED & CRACKED HEELS: Our 100% All Natural Foot &Body Soak with Kosher Epsom Salt is made with a blend of pure essential oils. Designed to not only fight fungus infected nails and unwanted foot odor but eliminates stinky feet leaving them detoxified. Softens overly dry feet with tough Calluses. For those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis you will love this soak.

  • Calming Lavender Foot Soak with Epsom Salt, Made in...

    🌿 ENJOY A HOME FOOT SPA: With our moisturizing foot soak, you’ll pamper your muscles & get lost in the wonderful feeling of our soothing lavender oil and epsom salt pedicure foot soak, leaving you refreshed
    🌿 HAVE BEAUTIFUL FEET: Our antibacterial foot soak helps soften stubborn calluses, relieves aches, eliminates odor and fights irritations and fungus, leaving your feet clean and healthy
    🌿 RELAX AFTER A LONG DAY: With our foot spa treatment aches and pains melt away with the sweet tingling of our luxurious blend & healing oils, leaving you relaxed and calm

  • 4 in 1 Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, Super Balm, Nail Repair...

    🌿 GET RID OF FUNGUS FOR GOOD: Our all natural 4-in-1 foot care kit is the perfect solution for those who suffer from toenail fungus, athletes foot or foot odor; this kit is half the price compared to when purchased separately – INCLUDES Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, Nail Fungus Treatment, Anti-Fungal Skin Balm and Tea Tree Oil Body/ Foot Wash
    🌿 TEA TREE OIL FOOT SOAK: Our antifungal foot soak is the perfect way to end your day; it helps soften calluses, relieve aches, eliminate odors and fight fungus so you can finally have clean and healthy feet again
    🌿 TEA TREE OIL FOOT & BODY WASH: Our hydrating foot wash helps wash away and defend against fungus, athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm and eczema so you can have fresh and clean skin again

  • Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak with Epsom Salt – Made...

    Our unique 7 oil blend foot soak has been used by customers and athletes around the globe to help relax tired feet and help soothe calluses; keep your feet as soft and healthy as possible
    A unique proprietary blend; our foot soak and paraffin-baths is a premium blend of epsom salt, sea salt, eucalyptus, peppermint, cajuput camphor, rosemary, lavender, MSM and essential oils of tea tree; exactly what your feet need after an exhausting day at work or school
    Used for various foot ailments including toenail fungus and athlete’s foot; helps prevent stubborn foot odors and weird scents

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